Unleash their imagination

At Ducklings Childcare, children have the freedom to choose play resources and equipment independently, fostering their creativity, concentration, and motivation. We believe in the power of play as a valuable teaching and learning tool, with activities led by both adults and children.

Where chatter matters

We place a strong emphasis on communication and language development. To encourage meaningful conversations and joyful singing, we don’t have televisions in our childcare centre. This creates a vibrant atmosphere where children can express themselves and grow their communication skills.

Explore nature’s playground

Outdoor play is a daily adventure at Ducklings Childcare. Our dedicated team ensures that children explore the world around them, taking walks within the local community to parks, canals, woods, and even local shops. It’s a great opportunity for them to connect with nature and discover new wonders.

Making milestones magical

In addition to our regular activities, we love celebrating special occasions and creating lasting memories. From festive Christmas parties to enjoyable stay and play sessions for parents to actively participate in, and even graduation parties to commemorate important milestones, we make every moment count.

Capture those precious moments with the help of photographers, who visit our centre to create beautiful keepsakes that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Join us at Ducklings Childcare, where learning is filled with laughter, play is cherished, and every day is an adventure. Contact us today to arrange a visit or learn more about our exciting childcare programs.