Smiles and success

At Ducklings Childcare, we value the partnership between parents and our dedicated staff. We take pride in the progress children make under our care, and our team goes above and beyond to support their learning journey.

Staying in the loop

We keep parents actively involved by providing daily discussions, regular parent’s evenings, and a convenient parent app. This app helps facilitate communication, ensuring parents stay informed about their children’s development and providing valuable resources to support learning and conversation at home.

See what people have to say

“My youngest goes to Ducklings Childcare full time. They open early, feed the kids lots of nutritious foods, do plenty of things with the children etc. Both my kids came on loads whilst at Ducklings Childcare in many ways – trying new foods, speech came on massively, learning new songs and skills, improvement in confidence and when my eldest attended they were fantastic in supporting his potty training. Would recommend 100%”

Kirsty Weir

“My son loves Ducklings Childcare and has great relationships with all the staff. The care and support from all of them has been fantastic. Lisa and the team are very flexible, reasonably priced and provide a lovely, homely environment. There’s always plenty of activities running as well as smaller group work for each age group. The school holiday trips, visits and theme days are always full of fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Sarah Roebuck

“My girls have been attending the before and after school club since February. They love going each week, like all the staff and enjoy all the different activities. The holiday club is also great value for money and loads of fun for them. I thoroughly recommend Ducklings Childcare.”

Katy Scott

“My little boy has been going to Ducklings Childcare for nearly three months and he absolutely loves it! He has come on so much since starting nursery. All staff are so good with him and I’m never worried about him because I know he is being well looked after! Definitely recommend!”

Jade Harpin

“My little boy has been coming here since September and absolutely loves it. All the staff are so nice and friendly and my little boy is so well looked after! Would highly recommend!”

Lori Estelle

“Thank you for helping Adam grow into the confident little man he is. You are the heart of Ducklings Childcare.”


“My two year old son has been going to Ducklings Childcare for a half a year and I couldn’t recommend them enough. He learnt to count to 10 within a week of attending the nursery. I feel he is in good hands. They use the ParentZone app which is fantastic as I can see pictures and read comments of what he is doing on the day. Very happy with the food he eats at the nursery as it’s very healthy and the set of teachers are easy to talk to and always happy to help.”

Silvia Roig

“My 2 year old currently attends as did his older brother until he started school! My 2 year absolutely loves it and so did his older brother who still talks about his time there! Great staff and setting. They have room for flexibility with hours which can be so helpful when sometimes having to change work hours or days. My son is always so excited to go to nursery and is always greeted with a friendly, happy face and I know he is well cared for while he is there.”

Laura Folan

“Fantastic staff who are friendly and very welcoming with so much heart and caring mindsets. My child has been going here for 5 months and has quickly adjusted, I couldn’t ask for a better daycare. Staff make the effort to engage and develop him in a very individualised way, having separate rooms for the differing ages. The management is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment and we’re very thankful for this. It is great to know that when I drop him off he will be well taken care of. They care about the children and work with parents, it is alovely and caring environment whilst not at home. They love having my son and he loves seeing them. They are flexible and have great hours as not everyone works a 9-5 job. They use an app to keep parents updated on their child’s growth and learning throughout the day, including photos and meal plans. My baby is happy which makes me happy. I highly recommend, you’ll be in safe hands.”

Rachel Wiles

“We have used Ducklings Childcare for almost 8 years now for our 3 children. Whilst the setting has grown in size, it still has the personal, intimate feel which hooked us when we first looked at childcare options for our eldest child. Ducklings Childcare has given all 3 of our children an excellent grounding making the transition to school smooth and successful! Our youngest child will fly the Ducklings Childcare nest this Summer ready to start her school journey and I have no doubt she will have the same, positive start to school as her brothers before her, due to the care and support of ducklings in their early lives!”

Amy Knapp

“The children have been a delight, and we are looking forward to weekly visits from yourselves, it is so good to have children back in the home and we had plenty of smiles from our residents, thankyou for your support in making this happen. You have no idea how much us as a home appreciate this.”

Donna Colquitt, Deputy Manager, Anchor Hanover Group

“Our girls have always been very happy at Ducklings Childcare. There is a lovely, family atmosphere and we always feel the girls get great care and attention from al the lovely staff. Both our girls have grown in confidence whilst being at Ducklings Childcare.”

Elise Rohde

“Thank you for running the nursery with compassion and love at its core. Adam has thrived at Ducklings Childcare and we are so grateful.”


“Thank you for all of the support that you have provided to Harni over the last three years. I knew that the has absolutely loved coming into Ducklings Childcare and will truly miss it.”

Munira & Usman

“Thank you for taking such good care of Alice. She has always been really happy at Ducklings Childcare and is very fond of you all, she will miss you. It has been lovely for us to know, that when she is not with us, she is somewhere that she is happy, safe, able to learn and be her unique self.”

Abi & Rob

“Massive thank you for everything you have done since Myla came to Ducklings Childcare! She has loved every single moment with you all and will miss you all so much. Nothing is ever too much trouble. What a fabulous team you all are! Myla says “I love you and will miss you when I go to school!”

Myla’s family

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